List inactivity and the re-opt-in procedure

It is a proven fact that the longer subscribers are on your list the less their activity is. Recent reports notice, that the highest open rates (58%) could be obtained during the first month from subscription. In two months the open rate falls 13%. After half a year the open rates are 37%. In two years the open rate is about 33%. These numbers are all averages, but still they show the real tendencies you should always take in consideration.

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Opt-in list solutions: growing, improving, and cleaning

While practicing email marketing probably the most important and often problems that email marketers have to resolve are the problems tied to email list building and management. The process of building the list is hard enough, and is not just simple gathering thousands of emails and immediately sending messages after that. The thing email marketer should always remember that there is a unique personality behind every email address. The personal approach to each subscriber or client is absolutely necessary for a doing well email marketing business. Email marketer should build such a relationship that would be based on mutual trust and esteem.

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End-year report

The end of the year is the perfect time to analyze the whole year (was it successful or not), what features of your email marketing campaign worked better and why, what has to be improved, etc. It is very important to examine carefully every aspect of the email marketing campaign, so that in future you could create more effective campaign due to applying more useful strategies, etc. You should be absolutely sure about what will you do to level up your program. To create a perfect future for your next-year campaign it is absolutely necessary to carefully zero in on such points as analysis of major performance metrics; examination of recipient, surveys and Web site feedback; comparison of internal and external criteria; review of creative and design.

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Tips to successful email campaign

The times have completely changed comparing to those when email marketing was initiated and only started to institutionalize its old-school. Nowadays email marketers have to deal with different kind of issues that take place in every day changing world of expectations, technology laws, etc. We did spend our time to present you the compilation of tips and hint, most of them you might already have used during your practice, but still it would not be a bad idea to pay your attention on it once again.

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Email marketing campaign "must-does"

With email marketing development on e-markets the number of email marketers who know what they have to do is growing quickly, but the problem is that they don’t know how to do that. In most cases they don’t consider planning and if they do create a plan it is still too messy to be followed. It may happen the person is appointed to manage one or another part of the marketing campaign but is not given the full volume of authority needed to perform his job. That’s why a clear and comprehensive plan plays the main role in a successful email marketing campaign.

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Dealing with unsubscribes

During your email marketing campaign you will definitely face the problem of unsubscribes. It is something usual and shouldn’t be considered a reason for panic. Still a sharp increase in number of unsubscribes should attract your attention because it may be the evidence of some serious problems in your email campaign.

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Subscriber-friendly email marketing campaign

Your subscribers get a lot of email messages, and it is easy to understand that not all of them get the same attention of subscriber. You should make such a design of your email newsletter, so that it would be as easy as possible for recipient to find and interact with you. People are more likely to accomplish things that are easy to do and don’t take too much time to do them. The mistake you can make here is to consider the message has an easy and clear call to action, while for customer it might be something absolutely puzzling. The problem appears to be even worse for those new ones.

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Planning an email marketing campaign.

To reach the marked goals email marketer should organize his actions, manage all the changes in the campaign and notice every statistics. Sometimes it happens that the top goal presupposes the accumulating a wider volume of subscribers.

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Mailing List Building

What an email marketer should do as soon as possible is to build an mailing list. The best way to create it is to use every possibility to keep in touch with customers and prospects. To avoid misunderstandings and complaints, and keep you reputation clear you are recommended to use a double opt-in option so that you could be completely sure in subscriber’s wish to subscribe. You should require necessary information from your subscriber, thus later you will be able to manage well targeted email campaign with high personalization, but don’t try to obtain too much information, in particular obviously inessential. There always is a part of your list you should work on – this part contains inactive users, which have to be transformed into active ones. While building an email marketing list and subscribing people on your mailing consider informing them of your privacy/ email policies.

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Opt-in email marketing tips

One of the main aims of an email marketer is to collect as many subscribers as he can. Almost the most important source of attraction of new subscribers is opt-in page. Its main goal is to convert as many potentials as possible to devoted subscribers. While creating the design of opt-in page you should remember of some simple riles, that will have a positive effect on increasing the number of your subscribers:

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