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With email marketing development on e-markets the number of email marketers who know what they have to do is growing quickly, but the problem is that they don’t know how to do that. In most cases they don’t consider planning and if they do create a plan it is still too messy to be followed. It may happen the person is appointed to manage one or another part of the marketing campaign but is not given the full volume of authority needed to perform his job. That’s why a clear and comprehensive plan plays the main role in a successful email marketing campaign.

To organize actions of your marketing team so that they would be mutual and well balanced it is absolutely necessary to develop a centralized schedule, which is a vital option for a well working email marketing campaign.

The next step should be the elaboration of email marketing plan. It is quite important to test everything before the email marketing campaign starts and to check everything during it. How to manage all that, so that the actions wouldn’t interfere to one another and would be of use to the whole campaign? Here are some points you have to pay your attention to:

  1. Check you opt-in process and make it convenient to your future subscribers. Count the number of clicks subscriber should make to end the procedure (including those of confirmation). The best quantity is two clicks, and as more clicks you have to do to subscribe the more likely visitors won’t perform the subscription process till the end. Make sure all the links work properly.
  2. While sending email messages never forget that the exact human is being hidden behind an email address. You will never be able to control all the actions of your subscribers. And even if your emailing is automatic and you have a warning of not to send replies to robot they still can do that. That’s why it is so important to have a person, who will check such email addresses, because very often you can find their complaints and comments there.
  3. You always should test you message content on different platforms and different email clients to make sure your subscribers will be able to get and read your message. Don’t forget about users who use all kind of mobile devices.
  4. Email relationship needs both permanent close attention and permanent changes. Subscribers are likely to lose interest in email messages starting with the first message, and if there won’t be any changes you may lose your subscribers. The same you have to act fast to add newcomers engaged enough to continue click on your offers.
  5. Monitor how perform all your co-registration sources.
  6. Check you massage for readability and usability. Be sure all the images appear and all the links are good, especially pay your attention to unsubscribe link.
  7. Review your message frequency and mailing calendar.
  8. Consider periodical list hygiene cleaning.

Managing you plan don’t try to get an immediate result. Also do remember that email marketing is a separate business, but not a kind of add-on to your other business, thus it requires separate efforts and separate management. Email marketing is probably the closest to people mean of advertising; therefore it needs special attention and care to run it. Your brand-name fully depends on how your subscribers feel about you and your messages. Here are some the most probable ways of ruining your email marketing campaign and your business as a whole:

  • Email marketing campaign doesn’t consider permission practice.
  • Irrelevant and inconsistent email messages.
  • Spammy-looking messages
  • Failed unsubscribes
  • Poor customer experience between email and web site.

Always be serious about planning your actions and pay enough attention on deep waters of email marketing. Ignorance and laziness are not the best assistants, but attention and care will definitely guarantee your success.

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