Main sign-in usability errors

It is very important to devote enough attention to email-newsletter opt-ins. Otherwise email marketer may lose a lot of worthy opportunities. Still too often email marketers do not pay sufficient attention to this problem, they do mistakes and in this way drop additional email addresses, which could become a part of their email marketing list. Here are the most wide-spread errors:

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Special message design for different kind of audience

Every email marketer should know that there are thousands of interests and needs, the same as the world of reaction on email message is quite wide. People decide whether they read or not the email message you send in just several seconds, but their actions vary due to differences in perception. According to how people react on your message they can be divided into 8 categories. Each category can be called a separate audience, which needs special approach. It always may happen a person can be included in 2 or more audiences simultaneously, depending on their mood, time of the day, etc.

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Why to manage “Reply-to” Inbox

Email marketing campaign is made of a wide range of parts. It is very important to pay enough attention to every part to get expected results. Sometimes it happens that email marketers do not consider some small bat worthy peculiarities. For example, not always the Reply-to Inbox is checked through the email marketing campaign. Even though the number of replies to that inbox is extremely small, just around 2%, it may provide you important and urgent information. Very often you can get the same information form replies, sent by subscribers to your Reply Inbox, instead of calculating all kind of rates.

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Opt in email marketing: permission is required

It took long enough for email marketing to prove to be a successful mean of advertising and promotion. It took about a decade to make businessmen trust into email marketing as one of the marketing approaches, which is considerable cheaper and demands less time to be performed. During this time basic technologies and rules were formed. One of such rules is permission opt in, which already became a key standard for many email marketers around the world, who really appreciate the advantages of it.

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How to create a strong call to action

The most popular call to action we can see in almost all the email marketing messages is “Click here!”. That means that a lot of email marketers do believe this is an enough motivating call to action can become the final step to encourage subscribers to undertake some actions. While choosing this call to action they pay attention on the fact that it is clear and brief, but at the same moment is universally understood. Is it really so?

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What to do with inactivity

A constant problem that every email marketer will definitely face is inactivity, which influences a lot on all kind of rates and measures. What email marketer should do with all those inactive subscribers? Will culling the list off will be a good enough solution or re-engaging will be a worthy one? Of course the choice will depend on its cost.

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End-year report

The end of the year is the perfect time to analyze the whole year (was it successful or not), what features of your email marketing campaign worked better and why, what has to be improved, etc. It is very important to examine carefully every aspect of the email marketing campaign, so that in future you could create more effective campaign due to applying more useful strategies, etc. You should be absolutely sure about what will you do to level up your program. To create a perfect future for your next-year campaign it is absolutely necessary to carefully zero in on such points as analysis of major performance metrics; examination of recipient, surveys and Web site feedback; comparison of internal and external criteria; review of creative and design.

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Tips to successful email campaign

The times have completely changed comparing to those when email marketing was initiated and only started to institutionalize its old-school. Nowadays email marketers have to deal with different kind of issues that take place in every day changing world of expectations, technology laws, etc. We did spend our time to present you the compilation of tips and hint, most of them you might already have used during your practice, but still it would not be a bad idea to pay your attention on it once again.

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Email marketing campaign "must-does"

With email marketing development on e-markets the number of email marketers who know what they have to do is growing quickly, but the problem is that they don’t know how to do that. In most cases they don’t consider planning and if they do create a plan it is still too messy to be followed. It may happen the person is appointed to manage one or another part of the marketing campaign but is not given the full volume of authority needed to perform his job. That’s why a clear and comprehensive plan plays the main role in a successful email marketing campaign.

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Dealing with unsubscribes

During your email marketing campaign you will definitely face the problem of unsubscribes. It is something usual and shouldn’t be considered a reason for panic. Still a sharp increase in number of unsubscribes should attract your attention because it may be the evidence of some serious problems in your email campaign.

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