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Your subscribers get a lot of email messages, and it is easy to understand that not all of them get the same attention of subscriber. You should make such a design of your email newsletter, so that it would be as easy as possible for recipient to find and interact with you. People are more likely to accomplish things that are easy to do and don’t take too much time to do them. The mistake you can make here is to consider the message has an easy and clear call to action, while for customer it might be something absolutely puzzling. The problem appears to be even worse for those new ones.

Here are several tips you should remember while designing your email marketing campaign:

  • Sign-in form is easy and the link, which is working, on it is provided in every message you send to your customer
  • You have a Web version of you email message
  • You include referral “send-to-a-friend” link or button in every newsletter or advertising message
  • The content of your email message is readable for your recipient even if the images are disabled and he/she can understand your call for action
  • “Submit” buttons are all labeled with the actions you would like your recipient to undertake, such as “Subscribe here” or “Buy now”, etc.

Aren’t these tips easy to perform, are they? But even such easy to make points are not always taken into consideration by email marketers. To start new practice is always may cause problems and here are some suggestions, which can help you start increase your positive interaction with your customers and subscribers.

Email management easy solutions.

Here you will discover some questions about how easy for your subscriber is to sign-in, update the profile or add any data in it, etc.

  1. Make it easy to subscribe. The sign-up form should appear on every page of your web site and subscribe button should express a clear and strong call to action: “Subscribe here” or “Sign me up!”. The subscribe link should be included not only in your promotional emails, but also in transactional and newsletters. It should take 2 clicks to subscribe for your recipient. More clicks trouble the sign-in process and are irritating for subscribers.
  2. To lead an effective email marketing campaign you should segment your list so that to be able to send out more relevant messages. You can do it only if you have enough information about your subscribers. But to ask them too much personal data is the same risky as to ask too less information. A lot of data to provide may turn off people who are not engaged enough. Too less information to provide make the sign-in process faster and subscribers are likely to finish it, but you won’t be able to build highly personalized email marketing campaign, which, in fact, diminish its positive feedback.
  3. Always create a special page to set or update the preferences. Thus you will be able to keep your subscribers engaged even if their preferences might have changed. Include a workable link on such page in every email message you send.
  4. Make sure the “send-to-a-friend” button of your message works properly and subscriber doesn’t have to use his own mail client’s forward function. Due to your own referral software you will be able to track the number of forwards, which appears to be impossible in any other way.
  5. Make the unsubscribe process as easy as it possible. Otherwise you list’s value will lessen in some time. To complicated sin-out procedure makes subscribers undertake other, as they may think easier methods, such as clicking the “report spam” or simply ignoring your messages. Unsubscribe procedure should take 1-2 clicks maximum.

Navigate message content solutions.

According to the listed hints you will be able to evaluate if your receivers are able to find out your email messages in their inboxes, read them and navigate your web site.

  1. The Subscriber should be able to distinguish your email message in his/her inbox. Try to design the “from” and “subject line” of your email message so that the subscriber could immediately notice you message and differentiate it from spam.
  2. Check your email messages on readability even while the images are disabled or when subscribers use their preview pane. Design the top of your message so that it could be catchy and could motivate subscribers to read the message till the end.
  3. Every subscriber has to have free access to a Web version of your email message. You should include a link to it in every email message.
  4. Prepare a printer-friendly version of your email, so that subscribers could print the information they are interested in. Make sure version is designed without large black areas and presupposes the minimal ink consumption.
  5. Be sure subscribers or visitors can easily find extra information about one or another product. Consider including links to past email newsletters into your messages or create some kind of archive page on your Web site.
  6. Check all links if they work as should and redirect subscribers to right landing pages.

Use all these tips to build a successful email marketing campaign. Assure yourself of the fact that making your email campaign as easy as possible for your subscribers will have a positive impact on it. The results may even surprise you.

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