List inactivity and the re-opt-in procedure

It is a proven fact that the longer subscribers are on your list the less their activity is. Recent reports notice, that the highest open rates (58%) could be obtained during the first month from subscription. In two months the open rate falls 13%. After half a year the open rates are 37%. In two years the open rate is about 33%. These numbers are all averages, but still they show the real tendencies you should always take in consideration.

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Opt-in list solutions: growing, improving, and cleaning

While practicing email marketing probably the most important and often problems that email marketers have to resolve are the problems tied to email list building and management. The process of building the list is hard enough, and is not just simple gathering thousands of emails and immediately sending messages after that. The thing email marketer should always remember that there is a unique personality behind every email address. The personal approach to each subscriber or client is absolutely necessary for a doing well email marketing business. Email marketer should build such a relationship that would be based on mutual trust and esteem.

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Mailing List Building

What an email marketer should do as soon as possible is to build an mailing list. The best way to create it is to use every possibility to keep in touch with customers and prospects. To avoid misunderstandings and complaints, and keep you reputation clear you are recommended to use a double opt-in option so that you could be completely sure in subscriber’s wish to subscribe. You should require necessary information from your subscriber, thus later you will be able to manage well targeted email campaign with high personalization, but don’t try to obtain too much information, in particular obviously inessential. There always is a part of your list you should work on – this part contains inactive users, which have to be transformed into active ones. While building an email marketing list and subscribing people on your mailing consider informing them of your privacy/ email policies.

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Mailing List Management

Mailing list management is a quite easy procedure if email marketer knows some simple rules to organize the process. Email marketing list is a vital source for accomplishing an email marketing campaign. To get impressive results on it you have to pay enough attention not only on collecting email addresses for your email marketing list, but also consider permanent checking and updating the data from it.

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