Email marketing differs from Spam

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced e-marketer or just a beginner your main aim is to become successful in planning your email marketing campaign. But you always have to remember a simple rule: the success level of your campaign depends on privacy level of your subscribers and customers.

Only people who really need your emails will be glad to get newsletters and all other stuff from you. Even more ? they will wait for those emailings to read them. Therefore you should try to make them feel as comfortable as it is in your potency. To be attentive to the privacy of your subscribers and customers means to show them your respect. You shouldn’t mail any information or advertising to people who didn’t demonstrate you their interest in that information. Otherwise it would be unsolicited and annoying for them, which is the first step to become a spammer. The best way to protect yourself from such situations is to build an email list based on permission. In other words you should make it a rule to use a double opt-in option everywhere you can. That will prevent you from subscriptions by error, or malicious subscriptions.

After you really worked hard on building a permission email marketing list, you have to undertake several easy steps to defend your e-marketing campaign form regulatory compliance. You should fully follow the US CAN-SPAM Act. Here is what you have to do.

  • Discuss the Act and consequences of its breaking for your business and company reputation with your personnel.
  • Make sure that your email marketing program meets all the terms and notification conditions.
  • Add postal mailing address to all of your commercial emails.
  • Make your opt-out/unsubscribe process as easy and clear as it can be. Pay attention on its proper work. It will be even better if you’ll be able to meet all unsubscribe requests within 10 business days after getting an acknowledgment.
  • Try not to use pre-checked boxes in any of your forms. It looks like you force somebody to make unwanted actions. Give your subscribers and customers some freedom in their choice ? that will look better anyway.
  • From time to time refresh you emailing list, check the data on it. This process will be easier if you make an additional page with profiles on it, so that subscribers could update their information on their own.

Never forget that to prevent mistakes is much better then to resolve the problems caused by them.

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