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Email marketing differs quite enough from any other marketing tool. Let’s say it is probably the only marketing tool that requires full loyalty of a recipient towards you and your marketing campaign, otherwise fail is guaranteed. Why it is considered so?

Personal email is still a person’s own medium and no one has the right to interfere it. That’s why the main principle an Internet marketer should base its campaign is the principle of permission and voluntarism in relationship with its auditorium.

Of course you can get quite good results using rent lists and other ways of gathering email data. But in such case the partnership in most cases will not be long-term oriented, while to be successful in email marketing you have to organize your list in such way so that subscribers would be pleased with your emails.

One more catch is that sending undesirable emails (with no previous permission) can influence pretty much on your reputation. Low reputation in its turn may cause serious problems to your business, such as high per cent of spam complaints and banning your email addresses. That will not get positive influence on your business prestige. The same as not will guarantee a permanent increase in your income.

It is very important to get permission and be able to guarantee absolute privacy to your subscribers. Here are some points that maybe will make you do so:

  • Better response rates
  • Increased trust and brand affinity
  • Better deliverability

For sure you have to be prepared to spend more money and time to create a good permission email marketing list, but it sure worth it. Don?t forget to use double opt-in option that makes a good impression on subscribers. It makes them feel more safe and comfortable about your actions. Besides that you get a real opportunity to obtain a good statistics.

You are able to use several trusty ways to obtain the desirable results on your permission marketing list building:

  • The first step is that you have to make you site unique for your users. They have to remember you site to come back tomorrow, and the next day? Use a sign-up form on your website on every page. This is the most important thing you can do to build your list.
  • Piggyback online purchases. Every action of a potential subscriber should be followed by an ask for permission to send future emails.
  • Initiate partnership with the site owners whose product or service is complementary to yours. Don?t lose one more possibility to get new subscribers in your marketing list.
  • Use viral marketing. Make sure you include a “forward to a friend” link in each newsletter and a sign-up link for new readers.
  • Make it a habit and don?t allow a piece of paper to leave your office without a link to your website and/or your email subscription information on it.
  • Use all types of offline persuasion to get new subscribers: print advertising, direct mail, telephone

What is also very important is to use opt-in option right:

  • Offer people relevance and value in exchange for their contact information, e.g., special discounts, monthly tips-n-tricks, white papers, etc.
  • Ask people for information, but not too much. Find the right balance, and the people who truly value your offer and want to hear from you will be the ones who end up on your list.

But the most important detail in a successful building a high quality, permission-based email list is to realize it’s a continual process. Don’t expect an instant increase of subscribers, but the sooner you start, the sooner you can start building rewarding relationships.

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