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The importance of building an email marketing list of high quality cannot be underestimated. The list is a vital part of any email marketing business. What really counts is the size and quality of your list! The better the list, the more effective your email promotions and sales are. So, what to start with?

Planned actions are often better then spontaneous ones. This tip also can be used to build an email list. You can start with determining the actions you should undertake and how you will do it. You also have to decide how long the list should be, and how much new email addresses you should add each month to reach the needed volume. Then you should think over where you will find those people. Don’t forget that building a list is a constant process and you should permanently renew the plan of obtaining new emails, as well as the list itself.

Try to gather as much information about the email owner as it possible. It will further help you in a better targeting and segmentation of your list.

You should make a content plan of you future emailing so that you’ll have the possibility of determining quite sure the “places” where you can meet you potential subscribers. And even then, don’t try to sign someone up. This is the fundamental principle of permission email marketing, protected by US CAN-SPAM Act ? a law that regulates commercial emailing. You should encourage people to join your list, and try to make it so as it was their own decision. There are two basic ways of making people add their email address to your emailing list: online and offline.

Here are some tips of how collecting new addresses online. Be sure that you did let people subscribe on every page of your site and in each transactional or customer-support email. Don’t be too greedy to pay some money so that your website would be on the top page of search engines results. Use cross-references, promoting your partner’s program to your list, and vice versa. Use remarkable reasons to make people sign in.

Offline email collecting can be successful enough too. A good means of advertising your website is your business card ? place there significant information about your site. Keep in touch on-line with people you’ve met offline. Make it a rule to send them an email in 2-3 days after your meeting. You can also use printed materials to advertise your business such as brochures, prospects, leaflets, etc.

To get a new subscriber is a happy event, but it’s only half way to a great list creation. You have to assume concrete actions so that a new subscriber wouldn’t sign out in few days. The first impression is exceptionally valuable. You have to formulate you first greeting of a new subscriber so as it would be catchy and trustworthy for him/her. You should make a difference in a huge range of typical greetings. You should persuade you “new-born” user to stay with you.

People like to feel they mean something more for you then only means of getting profit. That means you have to pay enough attention to every subscriber of your growing email marketing list. Send them relevant email newsletters, but be sure that the info is of that kind they need. Try to attract their attention on sales, bonuses, etc. so that they take those actions you need of them. Keep them interested all the time. But don’t forget about “newcomers”.

You have to know some ways of increasing the subscription to your emailing. They are as follows:

  • Create a strong call to action and list all the benefits on the sign-up page.
  • Offer Opt-In motivation ( discounts, special reports).
  • Add opt-in check boxes on demo requests, white papers and registration forms.
  • “Send to a Friend” option can be very useful.
  • Call center and sales staff can be good collectors of new email addresses.
  • Don’t forget about different holydays and send post cards encouraging subscribing to emailing.
  • Place sign-up forms in Confirmation/Transaction Emails.

These are not the only or the greatest hints of increasing subscribers list, but very effective ones. What you have to remember is that you have to spend every free minute to allow people sign in. List building takes a lot of energy and time, so try to make this process as effective as it can be.

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