Main sign-in usability errors

It is very important to devote enough attention to email-newsletter opt-ins. Otherwise email marketer may lose a lot of worthy opportunities. Still too often email marketers do not pay sufficient attention to this problem, they do mistakes and in this way drop additional email addresses, which could become a part of their email marketing list. Here are the most wide-spread errors:

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Special message design for different kind of audience

Every email marketer should know that there are thousands of interests and needs, the same as the world of reaction on email message is quite wide. People decide whether they read or not the email message you send in just several seconds, but their actions vary due to differences in perception. According to how people react on your message they can be divided into 8 categories. Each category can be called a separate audience, which needs special approach. It always may happen a person can be included in 2 or more audiences simultaneously, depending on their mood, time of the day, etc.

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Why to manage “Reply-to” Inbox

Email marketing campaign is made of a wide range of parts. It is very important to pay enough attention to every part to get expected results. Sometimes it happens that email marketers do not consider some small bat worthy peculiarities. For example, not always the Reply-to Inbox is checked through the email marketing campaign. Even though the number of replies to that inbox is extremely small, just around 2%, it may provide you important and urgent information. Very often you can get the same information form replies, sent by subscribers to your Reply Inbox, instead of calculating all kind of rates.

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